Seeking Nostalgia in Kodaikanal
(Discover India, 2016 August):

Kodaikanal retains some of its 19th-century landscape, evoking a sense of nostalgia. At the same time, it buzzes with activity in its contemporary avatar.

Postcards from the Wild
(JetWings, 2015 November):

The animal and plant kingdoms show off their finest colours and members in the tropical rainforests and highlands of Sri Lanka.

Looking Beyond the Taj
(JetWings, 2015 September):

The Taj Mahal might shine the brightest, but there’s a host of other Mughal-era architectural gems around Agra that will take you on a trip back in time.

The Ground Beneath her Feet
(Outlook traveller, 2015 August):

If you are not just racing up Thadiyandamol, a whole new world of nature opens up for you.

When the Tiger Stood Me Up!
(Deccan Herald; 2015, May 10th):

Never wanting to chase tigers, my happiness with other birds and mammals made me the 'easy guest' on all safaris. Kanha, however, lured me with the promise of a golden tiger, only to leave me hanging.

A Day at the Races
(Outlook traveller, 2014 November):

The post-harvest lull in south Karnataka is enlivened by Kambalas - races where man and beast become one.

Good Things Come in Small Packages
(Deccan Herald; 2014, July 27th):

With the unfortunate sobriquet "poor man's Ooty" hanging heavy over its head, it would seem like Yercaud doesn't stand a chance. However, if you do give it a chance, Yercaud takes you back in time.

Juggling Identities
(Outlook traveller, 2014 June):

Gokarna has two facets − an orthodox pilgrimage centre drawing hordes of devotees and beaches attracting equal droves of flower children. Though it sounds like a recipe for disaster, Gokarna dons the two hats effortlessly. In fact, it turns the problem on its head and carves an interesting identity for itself.

Winter's Wonderland
(Outlook Traveller, 2013 March):

Driving around Iceland's surreal landscape in winter is like having a front seat to the greatest show on earth.

Borneo Blues
(Outlook Traveller, 2012 June):

A photo-essay on Borneo, focusing on the experience of staying in one of the oldest rainforests in the world. An experience involving all members that make the rainforest what it is: from fungi to insects to mammals.

Symphony in Stone
(Deccan Herald; 2012, January 15th):

A myth & lore filled day at the temple-town of Lepakshi, which also dazzles with its beautiful Vijayanagara style of art & architecture.

The Realm of Legends
(JetWings, 2011 Nov):

Egypt is inseparable from pharaohs, monuments & history. But, the country isn't about only these, as most people unfortunately presume.

The Architects of Assam's Landscapes
(, 2014 December):

Two rivers, and their contrasting personalities, shape the landscapes of Assam and the lives of the people and creatures that inhabit this land.

A River Runs Through It
(, 2014 December):

A visit to Dubare holds many surprises: explore a lesser-known side of Coorg.

In Search of the Pyramids of My Dreams
(, 2014 April):

The journey through Egypt's pyramids will leave you wiser and hungrier for the experience.

Still Water | Still Mind
(, 2013 September):

Bhadra is one of Jungle Lodges' unique properties, by virtue of its location and the wildlife around.

Celebrating Bangalore's Trees
(Neralu, Bangalore's annual tree festival, 2015 February):

An experiential piece about a ficus tree, to accompany a photograph by renowned photographer Kalyan Varma, displayed as the centrepiece at the 2nd edition of Neralu, Bangalore's annual tree festival.

Celebrating Shade
(Neralu, Bangalore's annual tree festival, 2015 February):

A short note about 'shade', written to accompany a large print of a photograph by acclaimed photographer Ganesh Shankar, displayed at the 2nd edition of Neralu, Bangalore's annual tree festival.

Bangalore Guide
(, 2012 March):

Content commissioned to be written (including collation & correction of existing data) for the travel site. Involved itineraries & suggestions for Bangalore, to suit varied requirements: Bangalore in 3 days, for children, on a budget, off the beaten path and day-trips.